Organic fertilizer based on fish meal contains a micro and macro elements necessary for plant nutrition.

Organic fertilizer is fertilizer, which contain only natural elements, they are suitable for all kinds of power plants. Organic fertilizers significantly improves the properties of the soil, filling it with useful and necessary microelements.. They improve water and air composition of the soil, increasing fertility.

Fish meal is one of the most important organic fertilizers, it includes all the necessary micro-nutrients and substances. The addition of fish meal to the soil, improves its structure, increasing fertility and accelerating the growth of plants. Fishmeal provides additional power plants, strengthens the roots and improves the development of flowers and fruits. The composition of fishmeal is rich with phosphorus, which has a positive effect on the growth and yield of crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, radishes. Adding to the soil fishmeal provides high biological value of farmed products. Organic fertilizers based on fish meal nourish the soil and the plant gradually, without the risk of "overfeeding" or "burn" plants. Fertilizer is completely environmentally friendly and harmless to the soil and plants.


Biofalga - soluble seaweed extract organic fertilizer foliar feed for professional use in allotments, nurseries and organic farming. Soluble seaweed extract organic fertilizer powder promotes balanced growth of plants (flowers) and especially roses, builds up the capacity of immunity and resistance, improves flower and plant quality and improves growth rate. Plants immune system boosted to help endure environmental stress, disease and pest attack. Increases germination success, root mass and chlorophyll levels. Shelf life of cut flowers, fruit and vegetables significantly increased. Stimulates activities of soil micro organisms, improves the water-holding capability of soil. Helps cations entry into plants and be absorbed by plants more easily. It is beneficial for plants to ulitize chemical fertilizers more efficiently. Biofalga is both nontoxic and environmental friendly, which will increase marketable value of agricultural goods.

1. Leafs: 1 gr. of extract Biofalga to dissolve in 2 - 4 ltr. of whater. To spray on plants 3-4 time, with an interval ~20 days in the period of vegetation. To use in the early morning or late atnight. Not to spray during a rain, high wind or at extremetemperature terms.

2. Fertilizer by a watering method: 1 gr. of extract Biofalga to dissolve in 3 - 5 ltr. of whater. To water 2-3 time, with an interval ~20 days in the period of vegetation. The best of all befits for the mechanical system of irrigation ortiny irrigation (pouring from a watering-can). Drift irrigation can result in the unevenness of scope and entail asubzero output-input ratio.

3. Treatment of seed and roots: to dissolve 1 gr of extract «Biofalga» in 2,5 - 3 ltr. of whater. A suitable temperature for the soakage of seed makes about20°C.