Fish meal


This AFA (active feed additive) is an excellent additive to the main fodder in pig and poultry breeding.

It is a custom-made additive tested and used by many farm enterprises delivering perfect results and being successfully sold in the EU member states. This additive comes with all the necessary chemical and bacteriological certificates.

By using this product, you will significantly cut the cost of diet at the expense of savings on fodders of animal origin.

This product is first and foremost for the health of animals, high performance and extra income.

AFA ingredients:

This fish meal-based feed additive is a bulky indiscrete mass containing all the necessary amino acids, micro- and macroelements. It may be a complete substitute of fish meal in animal feeds. The feed additive comprises fish meal, feed yeast and antioxidant:

Fish meal (protein 68-75 %) - 70-80 %

Feed yeast (protein 30-38 %) - 20-30 %

Antioxidant — 0.5-0.7 %

The content of crude protein in the ready-made product is approximately 64%.

Do not add in the ruminant animal fodders!


Keep in a dry cool place.


Main packing: 1000-kg big-bags; customer-sized packing in 40-kg bags is also possible


The average price of the product is 15EUR per unit of crude protein.