Folding Furniture

Folding Furniture invented for convenience. With this furniture you easily free up space in your house, and easyly can taki it to the jorney. Our company is actively developing this direction, all our efforts are aimed at offering customers a solid, quick to install, versatile folding furniture. Folding Furniture for outings, development of suburban areas, for exhibitions, trade fairs, banquets, exhibitions, picnics, fishing trips, and of course at home folding furniture will not be superfluous. Pros of folding furniture: easy to transport, quick and easy to install and develop. It takes up little storage space. Wide range of sizes of folding furniture. Durability and reliability. Offered by our company elegant folding furniture is of high quality and complies with international standards and requirements.

Not many people know that folding furniture appeared in ancient Egypt and has since enjoyed great popularity among the people. Such furniture allows you to expand the space and blends harmoniously into any interior. The main requirements to the folding furniture: Compact size when folded, light weight, strength and durability, ease of use, lightweight and quick assembly with minimal details. There is a large variety of folding furniture: tables, chairs, sofas, folding beds, cupboards, wardrobes, benches, walls, chairs, loungers, awnings, shelves and so on. Our company offers the most popular position, folding banquet table, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The table is easy to fold into a suitcase, equipped with a carrying handle. Table legs have a special coating that does not scratch the floor. The table surface is easy to clean. The table is very stable. It is designed so as not to turn over, even if the center of gravity will be located at one end of the table.

Available in two sizes:

1) Size Unfolded: 0 width, 74m; length of 1, 80 m; height 0, 73m, Folded width 0, 74m; the length of 0, 90 m; the thickness of 0, 09M Weight: 12.5 kg

2) Size Unfolded: 0 width, 61m; length of 1, 22 m; height 0, 73m, Folded width 0, 61m; length of 1, 22 m; the thickness of 0, 04M Weight: 9.5 kg

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