Hardwood lumber - production of sawn timber and wood industry, made of hardwood trees. Hardwood lumber is one of the most popular materials used in the production of various furniture. This type of lumber is made from deciduous trees such as oak, birch, poplar, ash, asp. There are several types of hardwood lumber: edged board not edged board, edged timber, not edged timber.. Hardwood lumber characterized by high strength and durability of use, they are commonly used in construction and interior decoration. Hardwood lumber more than 30% stronger and tougher than softwood lumber. For long-term use is recommended to handle the timber with special antiseptic.

Our company offers dried eaves (moisture content 8-10%) and glued joinery boards. In the manufacture of these products are used such trees as oak, ash, birch, alder, linden, alder. Production of our products is carried out on high-quality machines Timber frame and passes all necessary stages. Manufactured products are stored in stacks in a special way to remain a place for the free passage of the air, which contributes to the drying efficiency. All of our products is covered to prevent the ingress of moisture. Below are tables that can select the desired material, as well as the width and height of the desired position.